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Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

So this is what autumn looked like in your town.

23 Jan 2011 4:40pm

@Curly: The weird aspect to this Curly is that I made this capture yesterday morning - right here in town. I grew up on the eastern seaboard of the US - outside Washington, D.C. That area gets the vibrant autumn that lasts about six weeks before the trees are bare and winter is set in. Coastal California on the other hand - has a very subtle autumn. The leaves become more pastel for the most part - but it doesn't end! There will be color in the trees throughout our winter 'wet season' and it is rare to see a tree go bare of leaves before the spring buds appear in early February and our lone spring begins. Plum blossoms in early February and cherry Blossoms three weeks later!

grant from kansas city, United States


23 Jan 2011 6:32pm

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Oh man what I wouldn't give to know that spring is right around the corner. I am in hibernation mode now along with my peers here in Michigan, today's high was 8 degrees. Anyway, love the muted colors of this.

24 Jan 2011 1:23am

yz from Budapest, Hungary

very well seen

29 Jan 2011 9:19pm