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Port Orford

Posted by
Stephen Phillips (San Francisco, United States) on 22 April 2010 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.


The coastline - heading south - yes, that is snow up in those hills. This is the first spot where you can actually see the Oregon Coast from the highway for about two hours of driving. I was sorry I didn't take photographs of this oddly charming coastal town. The cold wet weather was limiting my captures. This was not due to personal discomfort. My hotel reservation for this night was in Arcata, California.

The next day I had an early morning appointment with a client nearby, so it was important that I make it to Arcata that night. I was not carrying snow tires nor chains - and wanted to get past the fairly high coastal mountains that the highway traverses just south of Crescent City, California. I knew if I could reach them before the sun got low - that there should be no problem.

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Alun from cheshire, United Kingdom

Lovely landscape

22 Apr 2010 5:06am

@Alun: So often of late, yours is the first post on my day's image. Your day in Cheshire is beginning as I prepare for bed. I was just sitting here listening to the BBC World Service on one of my local NPR stations.

Right now I pause to reflect on the amazing changes in technology within our lifetimes.

AM3 - Photoshop - listening to a radio broadcast from 6000 miles away. This is all a far cry from the time before Sputnik became the first man-made object that man had ever launched into Earth's orbit (1957). At that time - a three minute phone call to London cost more than $10. A hefty sum given that the minimum wage in the US then was $1.25 per hour. G'nite, Alun. I am grateful for our daily visits.

Marie LC from Dauphiné, France

Oregon is a marvelous country

22 Apr 2010 6:03am

yz from Budapest, Hungary

perfectly composed

22 Apr 2010 7:05am

Mirko Herzner from Germany

Bautiful surf down there. Even if we can clearly see that the weather and light wasn't so easy you managed to shhot a wisely composed landscape with great power.

22 Apr 2010 10:41am

@Mirko Herzner: Hi there, Mirko - good to hear from you - and thanks.

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

This is beautiful, I would love to explore it by kayak. Maybe you will have time to take more photos along the way back home.

22 Apr 2010 11:15am

Bethany from Michigan, United States

Looks very chilly, but a wonderful view. I agree with Ralph that kayaking this area would be fun to explore.

22 Apr 2010 1:34pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

No expert on the Pacific Coast, but a novice visitor from afar. I do see what appears to my eyes as a big difference in the "look" and "feel" of this spot in Oregon versus the parts of the California coast I have seen. Of course, I was there in July; this is (I am assuming) a winter scene. But the terrain looks different to my eyes. BTW, its a great photo. And I also enjoyed your musings with Alun, on changes in life and technology since Sputnik.

22 Apr 2010 3:36pm

JJ from Jersey City, United States

The coastline looks beautiful, I have heard its very picturesque there and this shot seems to add to what I have heard

22 Apr 2010 5:45pm

sherri from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Wow, it's gorgeous. I've never seen the west coast. It was the last thing my dad did when he knew he was going to die. He and my mom drove up the west coast to see the shoreline. He'd wanted to see it all of his life. They didn't even take pictures, come to think of it.

22 Apr 2010 6:56pm

@sherri: Hi Sherri - I urge you to come visit the left coast - I know you'd embrace the experience.

I'm fairly certain I've mentioned that my dad and his family were from Mississippi. Sadly - his dad (my grandfather) survived my dad - who died of cancer in 1987. Granddad came to Oregon for my dad's funeral. It was his first and only trip west. After the services and a few days before he flew back home - we drove him out to the coast. It was his only glimpse of the Pacific on a beautiful November day.

Granddad was too frail to walk on the beach - so he contented himself with sitting in the car. I went out to the ocean's edge and filled a cup with water and walked it back to the car. "Put your finger in this," I said to him. He complied. I then said, "Now you can say that you've been in the Pacific, granddad." He looked at me and put that big old smile of his into full gear. "Now ain't that somethin' youngin' - would'a ever thought such a thing?" And so it goes...

Chris from South Jersey, United States

stunning scene - really beautiful and rugged.....

22 Apr 2010 8:02pm

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Beautiful image Stephen.......the coastline out there is just so incredibly beautiful, especially when compared to the coastline down here....Not that i'm complaining, but it's be nice to see something "different" every now and then.......liked your blurb with Alun.......times sure have changed, haven't they? And great story about Granddad, and the Pacific......just great that you were able to share that experience with him.....sounds like he really enjoyed it !!

22 Apr 2010 10:26pm

@Susan: Thanks, Susan - granddad was quite a character and lived to the age of 93.

David from Detroit, United States

I really like the layers of atmosphere in this one, Stephen.

23 Apr 2010 1:02am

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

Man's gotta do what ah man's gotta do. Having sat down for the first time today @ 10pm...I find this very soothing. Who needs alcohol when we have Stephen on the road. best...jerry

23 Apr 2010 2:16am

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

hope it warms up soon :)
What a beautiful spot! And yes, it looks cold! brrrr ;)

23 Apr 2010 4:24am