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Departing SFO

Posted by
Stephen Phillips (San Francisco, United States) on 7 February 2010 in Transportation and Portfolio.

The south side of the south tower of The Golden Gate Bridge. My aim was to capture this edifice at as extreme an angle as light and interest would allow. I was about to make the capture when - unexpectedly - this jet appeared in the view finder.

I think it adds a lot. Thanks, Captain.

Timing. And luck.

[tomorrow]: An image I was trying to get everyday this past week. Yesterday (Saturday) morning provided the charm...

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ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

The jet furnishes the incongruity. best...jerry

7 Feb 2010 6:18am

Tamara from Aarschot, Belgium

Very interesting angle... a great architecture shot !

7 Feb 2010 8:44am

Marie LC from Voiron, France

ton cadrage fait penser un peu à une guillotine (impossible d'expliquer ça en anglais). Excellent !

7 Feb 2010 10:29am

@Marie LC: Une guillotine vue de la perspective du seau. Je pense que je ' l'obtiens ' - et dis que tout est excellent tant que nous pouvons réussir à continuer à lever les yeux. Remerciements, Marie.

A guillotine seen from the perspective of the bucket. I think I 'get it' - and say all is fine as long as we can manage to keep looking up. Thanks, Marie.

yz from Budapest, Hungary

aye, cool

7 Feb 2010 11:01am

hugo poon from hong kong, Hong Kong

Such an exceptional POV... the catch of that plane is wonderfully adding drama and heightening the image!!! Compelling and imposing! Absolutely brilliant! Bravo Stephen!:-)

7 Feb 2010 12:54pm

Chris from South Jersey, United States

that jet does work really well in this shot - timing is everything.....Love the lines and textures of the bridge in this.....amazing feat of engineering....

7 Feb 2010 12:58pm

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

would have been a pretty cool shot, without the jet!! Nice catch !!

7 Feb 2010 3:15pm

Marcie from United States

WOW!! Very cool!!!

7 Feb 2010 5:08pm

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

What a cool image . This plane looks like a little toy over there :)) Super POV and perspective !

7 Feb 2010 5:55pm

Yonatan from Bronx, United States

This is the closest I have been to being on the Golden Gate Bridge. Thank you for the peak through your own eyes. Now, I have one question and one observation. 1) Who was driving the car while you captured this shot? 2) I am used to seeing the bridge as a much brighter red than this picture portrays. Are photographers around the world manipulating the color?

7 Feb 2010 6:35pm

@Yonatan: Well, my friend - I can't answer your first question. There was no car involved. If you look carefully at the geometry - were this taken from an automobile - a crash would be imminent. I am on the sidewalk of the bridge with my tripod - that's why the jet is so sharp. As to the color of the bridge; it is basic, anti-rust - primer red. This was a really cloudy this day and it was early - less than an hour after sunrise. When bright sunlight hits this surface - it can look quite brilliant.

CamyaR from Tehran, Iran

is very spice and very beautiful :)

7 Feb 2010 6:42pm

David from Detroit, United States

This has a very strong composition. I agree with Yonatan about the color. We are used to seeing the bridge in strong reds-- this takes away some of the cultural meaning of the bridge and allows the image to create its own meaning. Nice way of doing it.

7 Feb 2010 6:50pm

@David: (see my comments to Yonatan) - many folks are disappointed that the bridge isn't actually gold in color. The Golden Gate refers to the narrow opening between the bay and ocean and was called that way before a bridge was ever conceived. It refers to either (your choice) the gold of the light passing through it from the late day sun - or to the state itself which sports platinum colored grasses all summer and fall - causing the entire region to look golden.

alex centrella from California, United States

this is a great perspective of balance !

7 Feb 2010 7:00pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

The extreme angle and viewpoint were good enough to provoke interest, but you are right the plane is the icing on the cake.

7 Feb 2010 7:54pm

Liang from San Francisco, United States

the jet is so tiny yet so sharp, great perspective and lucky to get this kind of shot!

7 Feb 2010 8:41pm

Scott F. Schilling from San Martin, United States

Great point of view and the jet tops it off nicely and adds a great amount of interest at the top!

8 Feb 2010 12:36am

sherri from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Impressive timing. What a capture.

8 Feb 2010 3:20am

Cathy from Moon, VA, United States

I'm scared just being on the bridge! Brilliant shot, Steve! Cathy

8 Feb 2010 4:00am

Anthony Morgan Lambert from Bielefeld, Germany

Hard to imagine just being able to walk over the "golden gate bridge" when and as you want.But then I suppose you look at some of my shots and think the same (I hope) .I´ve got some London shots coming up,it´s a city I would love you to photograph Stephen !!!

8 Feb 2010 4:36pm