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Puddle along the Strait

Posted by
Stephen Phillips (San Francisco, United States) on 2 February 2010 in Lifestyle & Culture and Portfolio.

I know - I 've had us here before...

But because I bought it at 1 PM and needed to charge the battery first - it was almost dark before I made the first capture with my new 5D - Mark II

For the story and 'the big picture' - click here...

...more to follow. I'm pretty excited.

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Alun from cheshire, United Kingdom

Love the reflection in the mud, nice one

2 Feb 2010 6:24am

MontereyJohn from Salinas, California, United States

5D Mark II?????!!!!!! I['ll never talk to you again ... ever :)

2 Feb 2010 6:52am

Mirko Herzner from Germany

I am with John ;-)

2 Feb 2010 7:03am

yz from Budapest, Hungary

congrats for the new toy :)

2 Feb 2010 9:20am

Anthony Morgan Lambert from Bielefeld(old West Wales boy), Germany

How do you find these great locations Stephen ? this is a stunning shot !!

2 Feb 2010 10:20am

dobbino from Cape Town, South Africa

Just love this - and the thought of your new camera - may it bring you (and us) thousands of brilliant images. The increased dof from a full frame camera (especially after seeing the limitations of the small sensor size of my S90) make my mouth water!

2 Feb 2010 12:22pm

Marcie from United States

Fantastic reflections. Great eye!!

2 Feb 2010 12:30pm

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Wow I guess you guys really did get some serious rain.
New 5D - Mark II, I think I hate you! Just kidding (sort of), sweet camera. I am looking forward tp seeing what the two of you can do.

2 Feb 2010 1:24pm

Liang from San Francisco, United States

i do like this image of the carquinez, nice reflection from the muddy water.

2 Feb 2010 2:32pm

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

A plethora of line. I decided to pass on the II...weatherproofing etc. best...jerry

2 Feb 2010 3:42pm

Chris from South Jersey, United States

congrats on the new toy....I bet you will have some fun with it......I do see a bit of blur in the sign on the left, but it is a wonderful photo (I just love reflections)......

2 Feb 2010 5:18pm

Marie LC from Voiron, France

des diagonales, des droites, des triangles, beaucoup de géométrie dans cette image

2 Feb 2010 5:44pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Fabulous shot and a great way to get the wheels cleaned at the same time!

2 Feb 2010 6:25pm

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Well, you've moved up into the upper echelon with that purchase!!! Makes me feel puny, contemplating a new 40d or shot, especially the larger image.....great bridge reflection....If you get a chance, and know anything about it, pros or cons to the 40d versus the T1i ???

2 Feb 2010 10:29pm

@Susan: First - you are to feel 'puny' to no one. Period. Ever. What you are doing with your photography is first rate and outstanding in production and creativity. You have tremendous talent - a clear desire to learn and to grow in the craft - and a marvelous and very creative eye.

Now that this little matter is addressed - purchase the 40D.

The 'D' series is more solidly built and will serve you well for years. The controls are better placed and easier to access on the 40D. The focusing is truer and faster. Look at both - there's a lot of plastic in the Rebel series to keep down the cost. If you walk into a camera store that stocks both - sit them down side by side and 'play' with them - using the same lens. I'm guessing you will have little doubt in making this decision. Happy shopping and good luck.

By the way - Canon just dropped the price of the 50D - FYI. This might make it more affordable for you - or cause the 40D to go down in price, yet again - you win either way.

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Thanks for the very kind words, and thanks for the info also!!! If only there were a camera shop around where they had both......I fear that there's no such thing around here.......maybe I'll see if there's a real camera store down in would be worth the ride, to see both cameras in person, before I make a decision!! and I will definitely check into the "lowering of prices" before I purchase....someone told me that new models come out in Feb, so wait till March rolls around to purchase something older....Ever heard anything like that?????

3 Feb 2010 1:47am

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Ok, this is bizarre...the other day, I pulled up, on Canon's site, the 40d and the t1i.....tonite, the 40d no longer appears on their site!!! and i'm finding the body, online, for under $300, with USA warranty.....Am I dreaming???????

3 Feb 2010 1:59am

@Susan: Under $300 probably can't be right. Make sure it is a reputable dealer and that it is NOT an import trick with a non-Canon "USA warranty" - I just smell something wrong with this. Even as a close-out - new - it should be about 20 to 25% less than for the 50D which is $1099. (body only)

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Error on my part.... what I was looking at on the Canon site was the 50d, not the 40d....... Now I wonder if I should go with that 40d, since it's out there cheap, with a US warranty....wonder what the diff is between the 40d and the 50d....maybe I'll call Canon, and ask them...they're usually pretty helpful......One way or the other, by the middle of March, I plan to retire my Rebel XT, and move up to the next step!!!!

3 Feb 2010 3:51pm

@Susan: By all means - learn what you can about the difference - but unless it is something really significant - I would consider buying the 40 and investing the money you save into an 'L' series lens. Since you have time before making the purchase - I'll ask my Canon guy (Doug Thacker) at Calumet what he thinks. He knows Canon inside out and is as reliable as it gets. Have you given thought to what lens(es) would interest you?

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Hand-held? Impressive. I have so many Nikon lenses and really like my Nikon experience, but there are those times I sort of wish I had gone Canon instead.

4 Feb 2010 11:20am

@Viewfinder: You hold on to what you have. Frankly - I don't see a smidgen of difference between Canon and Nikon - both are at the top of the field. I have several professional friends that shoot Nikon. There are times they will show up with a new lens or camera body that have me with second thoughts about my Canons. And then the reverse happens. The systems are completely proprietary - so you make the decision and don't look back.

The system I would be looking long and hard at were I just starting out is Sony. Great optics and the image stabilization is in the camera body - working with any lens you are using. A huge cost savings and better weight balance it would seem.

Jean-Michel from Herstal, Belgium

We have a nice perspective and reflection on this one.
Good day.

12 Feb 2010 12:47pm