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Fadded Applause

Posted by
Stephen Phillips (San Francisco, United States) on 2 July 2009 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

The little village of Capitola is ranked high among my favorite coastal towns in California. Known widely for its free 'Jazz on The Beach' concert series each summer.

Here stands the storied 'Theater Capitola' where the community could take in a wide assortment of classic films - almost all of them in Black & White. They also presented live theater here. The shows were always excellent and very affordable.

But the wrecking ball seems to be its next scheduled show. A developer is set to build some beach housing. And I am sad.

A culture that yields its art to unholy capitalism is no culture at all. We have money in this land but slowly - our soul is diminished in the name of 'free enterprise'. California is worse than bankrupt and seems powerless to stop the looming wholesale cuts in social services, health, public safety, and of course - the arts.

Another small Fourth-of-July preview look our little theater - tomorrow.

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Marie LC from Voiron, France

les usures du temps auront raison de ce joli théâtre si on ne fait pas quelque chose. J'aime bien les trompe l'oeil de la façade et ta note d'info

2 Jul 2009 9:26am

Robert from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Great shot of what looks like a gorgeous old building. The same is happening here with no regard for the past. Many old historic buildings are being sold to developers because of the economy.

2 Jul 2009 10:45am

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Wonderful shot.... at least you will always have your memories intact in photos, once the place is long gone.......Hope California finds it's way quickly out of it's current mess.......What a horrible situation........maybe all of us should take a trip out there, and pump some $$$ into the state coffers!!???!!!!

2 Jul 2009 12:09pm

@Susan: Save your money, Susan - it wouldn't help. There is plenty of money here.The problem is political. California is one of the few states that require a two-thirds vote on its budget. It is near impossible to get 50% of politicians to agree on anything. Getting 66.7% to approve a budget is impossible. The legislature was always late with the budget when we had money. But now that the economy has tanked and revenues are way down - the 'no new taxes under any circumstances' crowd has dug their feet in and as a result - wholesale suffering is happening statewide. And as is always the case in these matters; the neediest families, the school programs, the mentally ill, and others of our most challenged neighbors are the ones to suffer most.

The suffering is intense - and very real.

What sickens me is that California has abundant wealth. When I arrived here in 1970 - the state had the best medical facilities, schools, the best colleges, the finest highway system, and magnificent state parks. Today, we rank at the bottom of all states in these categories.

We are closing - actually closing - two-thirds of our state parks. We drive on roads that are riddled with potholes. Our schools are laying off teaching staffs, eliminating music, arts, and other valuable programs.
All behind an ideology that said government spending is bad.

The view is changing and the politics are coming around to a more progressive view - but I doubt that the damage done can be healed in my lifetime.

Societies are not unlike individuals - you get what you pay for. And you live with the result.

jeff (aka dogilicious) from Millerstown, PA, United States

This is really nice. The contrast between the pink and the fading sign is really well captured.

2 Jul 2009 1:24pm

@jeff (aka dogilicious): Hey, Jeff - thanks.

grant from kansas city, United States

excellent photo, and i agree with your comments.

2 Jul 2009 6:03pm

Marcie from United States

Nice composition. Love the faded colors..and the massing of the building...and how you've captured it.

2 Jul 2009 6:06pm

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

I like so mcuh your words, Stephen! And I like the scenary of what you tell us.

2 Jul 2009 6:49pm

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

I like the mood here…

3 Jul 2009 5:26pm

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

I truly understand your point of view regarding the current financial situation out there..... The folks I feel sorry for, are the ones currently being paid with the "iou's" , or warrants, as I've heard them called here in the banking business....... The bank I work for, Comerica, has a pretty large presence in California, and we were informed yesterday that we will NOT be accepting those warrants....... so how will those who get paid this way get their funds? It's just really unfortunate for those with small business', etc..... how are they expected to stay in business, with no cash coming in? It always seems that the "little guy" gets the rough end of the deal, and for that reason, I really hope someone out there figures out how to fix the current situation quickly.......

3 Jul 2009 6:02pm