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Stucco Dreams # 8

Posted by
Stephen Phillips (San Francisco, United States) on 25 May 2009 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

Cottages in Capitola, California - on Memorial Day

In loving memory of all those who have fought, struggled, and sacrificed in defense of our ideals and for the freedoms of all people.

Regarding the flag here...

It is important for me to note that though I love the principals and founding documents of this nation - I am not a flag waver. I will hold the dignity and value of all people above the flag of any land. Nationalism frequently hurts and rarely helps - in creating an atmosphere of building and sustaining a better planet. It is important we acknowledge that we are all on this little blue satellite - with completely closed life support systems - hurling through space together. There is no back-up. There is no plan B. Humanity gets this right - or we parish as a conscious, sad, and foolish entity.

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Mirko Herzner from Germany

Well Stephen... Thanks for the openness provided with this shot. Many of the things you said are just right and still too easily forgetten. But Am3 is a tiny part in a world where we all can be 'above unhealthy nationalism'...

25 May 2009 6:30am

@Mirko Herzner: I agree, Mirko - and I don't take the privileged of living in these United States lightly. I am immensely grateful for all that I have. I have profound love for the founding principals of our nation. These have been largely betrayed - certainly for the past eight years - and in many ways throughout my lifetime. We have become the corporate states. Business and banking own our politicians and the process. It will be interesting to see what President Obama can do against this darkness.

yz from Budapest, Hungary

great selective focus (and i fully agree with you)

25 May 2009 7:06am

Anthony Morgan Lambert from Bielefeld(old Pembroke Dock boy,Wales), Germany

It is proper and right to remember those who have fallen.

25 May 2009 10:09am

Betty from New Jersey, United States

Very well said, Stephen. I completely agree.

25 May 2009 11:56am

Liang from San Francisco, United States

great shot and excellent commentary here stephen. i couldn't agree with you more.

25 May 2009 4:51pm

grant from kansas city, United States

fine shot, and couldn't agree more with your comments.

25 May 2009 6:38pm

John Maslowski from Dallas, PA, United States

Great shot Stephen and great words. Lovely Stucco series, I especially like the wide array of beautiful colors in this image. Stunning capture, really like the structures here.

26 May 2009 1:08am

sherri from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Oh, I really like this and so fitting.

26 May 2009 6:28am

Tracy from La Selva Beach, United States

Lovely composition :)

26 May 2009 2:07pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

This is such a colorful place. Nice!

28 May 2009 4:39pm