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Jesse in Morro Bay III

Posted by
Stephen Phillips (San Francisco, United States) on 21 April 2009 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Along the anchorage at Morro Bay - San Luis Obispo County - California
( archival view from 2006 )

Larger view / location map:

...find this photographer on TWITTER as - ' fogguy '

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Bill from Los Altos, United States

Stephen. You must track Jesse down from wherever she may be, and continue this very artistic series. She is a stunning beauty that you bring to life with your photos. Well done all around.

21 Apr 2009 5:18am

@Bill: The hounds have been released (electronically) - and she'll report in before long.

Mirko Herzner from Germany

Perfect. Jesse lost in thought... Wonderful colors and composition.

21 Apr 2009 5:32am

Alun Lambert from cheshire, United Kingdom

a very nice image, lovely light in her face

21 Apr 2009 5:45am

yz from Budapest, Hungary

very beautiful, the warm sunlight on her face and hair and the cold colours in the background makes it poetic.

21 Apr 2009 6:35am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Splendid portrait: all the light of the day in her face. I like very much the composition and DOF, the blurry background and the sharp details of the wonderful Jesse and the great combination of colors in her dresses, all in honor of her hair of fire. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting it.

21 Apr 2009 6:58am

@Paco Díaz: Such a wonderful response - thank you, Francisco. Thank you also for the kind comment you left on my website. It is a pleasure to share experiences on AM3 with you.

Rags from Plano, United States

Amazing as well as top notch image.

21 Apr 2009 7:42am

Karthik from Chennai, India

Love the composition in this one. Well framed with the bay in the background.

21 Apr 2009 8:00am

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

No wonder you miss her! Your friend Jesse is a natural model. This is first-rate stuff; intense emotional projection in her expression, great posture, excellent colors. Movie star quality. And a gifted photographer, who managed some super DOF in leaving that background of boats and water just slightly out of focus.

21 Apr 2009 11:03am

@Viewfinder: Intense emotional projection, indeed - plus the considerable fire in her spirit, which comes through in much of her work. She has a great natural talent and real substance in her being which just radiates - camera or not.

Mike from Lichfield, United Kingdom

A great photo. The background is fantastic against Jesse.

21 Apr 2009 11:10am

Marcie from United States

Gorgeous portrait. Love the light and how you've photographed her against the neutral background.

21 Apr 2009 12:19pm

@Marcie: Hi there, Marcie - good to hear from you - thanks.

Mariana from waterloo, Canada

Gorgeous ! MOdel and then blury background are just fantastic !!!

21 Apr 2009 1:29pm

Anthony Morgan Lambert from Bielefeld, Germany

A very dramatic shot,great pose and a very nice backdrop !!

21 Apr 2009 1:58pm

sherri from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

She's a lovely model. Beautifully done with that background so subtle behind her.

21 Apr 2009 2:22pm

dobbino from Cape Town, South Africa

Very nicely done - I really like the pale, almost washed out background - it makes your subject pop.

21 Apr 2009 2:52pm

Tracy from La Selva Beach, United States

You are lucky to have such a wonderful relationship, it shows in the photographs. These are all gorgeous. This is my favorite so far...stunning light, and the background lends some mystery to the feeling of this. Just beautiful!

21 Apr 2009 3:00pm

@Tracy: Thanks so much, Tracy. I love doing model work to relax away from the 'business' of photography. Jesse is an inspiration.

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

a stunning shot of Jesse.....but i wish the background was a bit less "harsh" in color.....But that's just me, right???

21 Apr 2009 4:12pm

@Susan: 'harsh'??? This does have me questioning the monitor you're viewing this on. The background is very subtle grays - with mere hints of blues and creams. It almost a dull monochrome. I only write this that you may need to calibrate the screen if you are really seeing something harsh here.

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

Beautiful portrait. Like the pose against the discreet background, all in suggestion, and the light on her face.

21 Apr 2009 5:49pm

@Evelyne Dubos: Thanks, Evelyne - it is so nice to hear from you.

willow from Chelsea, United States

Something haunting in her gaze and the washed out background. Very emotional image (or maybe it's just me?).

21 Apr 2009 6:40pm

@willow: Nah - me, too...

Tony Duque from Raleigh, United States

Your series with this unique beauty has moved a lot of viewers to comment... at last, me. This is easily the most evocative of the five, Stephen... I feel, more than for any number of other reasons, because of how she has positioned her hands... which materially compliments what her expression says, adding to the drama of this image. It's hard to know if my perspective is related to the previous shots... perhaps so. But... talk about natural ability and having a "feel" for getting it right without direction. Thanks so much for sharing her talents and your skills with us!!

21 Apr 2009 7:50pm

@Tony Duque: And thank you, Tony - for the kind words and observations.

Amr Tahtawi from Cairo, Egypt

Beautiful model standing on a beautiful shore
you're talented my friend.
keep it up.

21 Apr 2009 8:14pm

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

I like this portrait !

21 Apr 2009 8:38pm

grant from kansas city, United States

stunning, beautiful, timeless.

21 Apr 2009 8:46pm

Didier DE ZAN from somewhere, France

Very beautiful portrait

21 Apr 2009 9:31pm

dj.tigersprout from New York City, USA, United States

an intriguing gesture -- makes me think of women in the middle east... wonderful work with this beautiful model!!! :)

21 Apr 2009 10:10pm

Scott Schilling from San Martin, United States

Spectacular - I love the background on this and the look in her eyes and the pose - perfect work Stephen!!

21 Apr 2009 10:32pm

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

Beautiful! Love the tones.... What a gorgeous model you had! I hope you will get a chance to photograph her one again sometime in the future.

22 Apr 2009 1:23am

Godo from Barcelona, Spain

Love the DOF
Brilliant red shades
Great work on the lights to create a special mood
Very well done, Stephen

22 Apr 2009 3:14pm

Shrig from Washington, D.C., United States

Did she finally get a little chilly? j/k ;) The scarf is amazing against her red hair. I like the side profile of her as well. This was a great series :)

24 Apr 2009 1:32pm

@Shrig: Thanks so much, Heather. It was a little chilly - not too bad - and wonderfully still. Believe me - she braved much cooler and windier conditions than this while chasing our collective images. Jesse is a 'trooper'.

Eleftheria from Athens, Afghanistan


25 Apr 2009 5:19pm

Expose from Tehran, Iran

Beautiful portrait. Well framed with the bay in the background.

5 Sep 2009 12:57pm

DEREK DEAN from Williamstown, United States

Lovely shots, especially this one. Thanks very much for sharing.

15 Jun 2012 2:32am