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Coy Lass in a Foggy Forest

Posted by
Stephen Phillips (San Francisco, United States) on 25 February 2009 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

model: Lacey Field

(OK, those who know Lacey know she's not shy. Behind that overcoat she's naked as a jaybird during our shoot, yesterday. She's just responding to a car which happened by) More tomorrow...

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Sharon from Los Angeles, United States

mysterious..... :) And well thats a nice background Stephen.. It reminds of my hometown...

25 Feb 2009 5:23am

@Sharon: Well, I know this isn't Los Angeles or Manhattan - so where was your hometown, Sharon? And, thanks...

Hema Iyer from Bangalore, India

Great shot....and beautiful background

25 Feb 2009 5:53am

Tammy/Cricket from Huntsville, United States

I can say I like the woods in the background. She appears pretty close to the edge. Not a good place to be while naked. MMMM....????

25 Feb 2009 5:56am

@Tammy/Cricket: I have three rules when working with a model:

1. DO NOT hurt the model
2. Try not to hurt the photographer
3. Have fun!

...she was safe and fine. Thanks for the comment and concern, Tammy. Be well!

Scott Schilling from San Martin, United States

Stephen. Wonderful scene in the fog I love how the fog brings out the color and tones. Lacey's red hair is so vibrant in this light and the forest is glowing with color through the fog! On the photograph store you will recognize the prints in the front. I am worried that I did not print a couple of them with enough contrast, but if you are in that area let me know what you think??

25 Feb 2009 5:57am

@Scott Schilling: Thanks, Scott - I will make it a point to get by there in the next few days. Congrats!!!

Liang from San Francisco, United States

she sure isn't shy. What a perfect location you picked to do this shoot too. The woods and the foggy lights blend well!

25 Feb 2009 6:02am

@Liang: Thanks, Liang.


very nice shot

25 Feb 2009 6:14am

Magda from Canada

Creative! Very nice! The backgound is perfect! Well done

25 Feb 2009 6:34am

Suzanne from Huntington Bch, California, United States

Charming...I prefer her being shy. ;o)

25 Feb 2009 6:34am

@Suzanne: Thanks, Suzanne - and I have to ask - how do you know? :- )

Marie LC from Voiron, France

Interesting and mysterious

25 Feb 2009 6:39am

yz from Budapest, Hungary

with the background trees and that beautiful red hair she looks like a forest fairy who was frightened by a stranger
very poetic shot

25 Feb 2009 8:02am

@yz: Lovely observation, yz - thanks.

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

It's a pity that the car was so inopportune :)
The photo is very funny indeed, she looks like a shy nymph.
I hope we'll hace the opportunity of seeing more pictures of yesterday's job :)

25 Feb 2009 10:23am

@Paco Díaz: Hey Paco - please understand there is nothing inopportune for us when we do a shoot. Lacey and I have fun with everything that come along. There was much more traffic along this little road than there should have been. We finally figured out that a construction project further up the road was the reason.

This will get you into our shoot and a whole bunch more:

EYES WIDE SHUT from The library of my soul, United Kingdom

A tantalising shot, Stephen. Nicely captured

25 Feb 2009 12:22pm

Marcie from United States

Very romantic. Love the mood...the color..the mystery. Well done!

25 Feb 2009 12:52pm

Betsy Barron from Chester Springs, PA, United States

serves as both a gorgeous portrait and landscape all at the same time - lovely

25 Feb 2009 1:01pm

DenisSm from Prague, Czech Republic

:) very nice one, Stephen. As it`s just because car, i am sure you captured more than this one :-))

25 Feb 2009 1:05pm

@DenisSm: Yes Denis - it is kind of the point of these missions. This will get you there:

Anthony Lambert from Bielefeld, Germany

This is a different change of direction for your blog Stephen,nicely done !!
P.S. do we get to see the nude shots as well ? :-)

25 Feb 2009 1:31pm

@Anthony Lambert: I kind of have a 'family' view of the AM3 blog space. I want the kids who post here and their parents to be comfortable - no matter where in the world they are. Here's a link to 'after the passing car':

Thanks, Anthony

dogilicious from Millerstown, PA, United States

Great shot nonetheless. The eyes say it all.

25 Feb 2009 2:01pm

@dogilicious: Amen.

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Naked lady with the the trench coat...I fell a story coming on! Pretty impressive

25 Feb 2009 3:28pm

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

Wonderful, Stephen. Her red hair is gorgeous.

25 Feb 2009 4:22pm

Rags from Plano, United States

LOL! interesting story, I am glad you took the shot, it is so neat.

25 Feb 2009 5:02pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Cool shot.

25 Feb 2009 5:33pm

Rui from Leiria, Portugal

I think it's a much more interesting picture, than a simple nude. The girl's expression is so shy but provocative, as if something is about to happen. Her hair color is gorgeous and makes her look like a fairy.
Excellent work Stephen.

25 Feb 2009 6:17pm

@Rui: Thanks for the thoughts, Rui. We had all met Lacey back on February 5th:

Sandrine from Cincinnati, United States

Lovely shot! love the colors and light.

25 Feb 2009 7:12pm

Tammy/Cricket from Huntsville, United States

Oh me...I have to say I am laughing. I saw your response above to me and I came back to reply. I then decided to click on the link that you gave Paco. You are one busy man. I am sure you are making the other men in here envious. Well, at least some.

Anyway, back to where I started. Oh forget it ...I am lost for words. I can see why they are not worried about being on the edge. I guess they like it that way.

A man and his toy camera.

25 Feb 2009 7:14pm

grant from kansas city, United States

yz's comment captures my reaction to this photo. i like it very much.

25 Feb 2009 7:18pm

chrissy from uk, United Kingdom

I also like this very much, love the background and the mysteriousness of the shot

25 Feb 2009 7:43pm

Helma from Tehran, Iran

Fantastic !!!
Excellent work .. tnx

25 Feb 2009 8:44pm

DenisSm from Prague, Czech Republic

thank you Stephen :-). i noticed you did great work on your mission.
and i noticed i need to spend more time to discover that link :-)

25 Feb 2009 9:15pm

@DenisSm: You my friend are making history of your own in this regard. I love your work and hope to see much more...

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

An unusual composition… But I like it a lot

25 Feb 2009 9:38pm

eddy from tehran, Iran

wonderful with a dreamy background

25 Feb 2009 10:16pm

Sharon from Los Angeles, United States

Am from India... and i hail from Munnar.. Its a hill station down south.. :) Thanks for asking..

26 Feb 2009 12:43am

@Sharon: Thank you, Sharon - and now I know.

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

great shot, and i especially like your response to suzanne's comment!!! can't wait to see more of these!!!

26 Feb 2009 12:44am

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

i just checked out that link...all those shots remind me of spencer tunick stuff, but with only 1 person at a time!! cool shots!!

26 Feb 2009 12:48am

@Susan: I am a huge Spencer Tunick fan - and greatly admire his work. The focus of my work is different but with an underlying message that has common links I am sure. Oh, and thank you very much!

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

I love the fog's presence amongst the tall trees as the sunlight tries to makes its way through.

26 Feb 2009 3:46am

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

But doesn't a jay bird have feathers?

27 Feb 2009 9:02pm

@Twelvebit: That's it - she has feathers beneath that coat... ( ! )