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Posted by
Stephen Phillips (San Francisco, United States) on 20 December 2008 in Food & Cuisine and Portfolio.

...on Washington Square / North Beach / San Francisco

The line during breakfast and lunch is pretty much a fixture - waiting for perfect omelets and succulent burgers on baguettes.

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EYES WIDE SHUT from United Kingdom

One of my rules in life, wherever I am... eat where the locals eat and look for the breakfast joints with the longest queues every morning! Ha ha

A terrific shot.

Nice perspective and colours to cheer me up on a bleak morning here as I head off to work. What a glorious blue sky, we saw little of that this year unfortunately. Have a great weekend

20 Dec 2008 5:21am

@EYES WIDE SHUT: I agree completely with your travel protocol. Wendy's, McDonald's, and Burger King all have restaurants at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. They're all busy. I try not to be judgmental of others in any way - yet on this - I shake my head.

LeenaM from Joensuu, Finland

I agree with every word of EYES. .. !
But we got last night a couple of inches snow and now a landscape is pure white
instead of grey brown of yesterday.
Nice day to you!!

20 Dec 2008 7:21am

@LeenaM: And a good day to you. Thanks.

Alun Lambert from cheshire, United Kingdom

Any pancakes going, nice looking place

20 Dec 2008 7:44am

@Alun Lambert: You bet, Alun - served up with fresh berries or straight.

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

How bright and clear is this view of the everydaylife in SF. I like it very much.

20 Dec 2008 8:19am

@Paco Díaz: Hey Paco, thanks.

chrissy from London, United Kingdom

A very popular place to eat, although I must admit I am not keen on waiting in queues and my husband is even worse!!

20 Dec 2008 9:17am

@chrissy: I'm with the two of you and therefore almost never eat out on the weekends. Everyone in San Francisco eats breakfast out on the weekend and therefore all of the good places have a line.

yz from Budapest, Hungary

Mama must be a great cook to generate such a high interest :) I like the tilted camera.

20 Dec 2008 10:00am

@yz: Mama's has been around for more than four decades. Unfortunately, Mama passed away (I believe it was in the late seventies). Her daughter carried on the tradition and I believe still owns the place.

zahai from Berlin, Germany

Beautiful perspective and great colors. Nicely done.

20 Dec 2008 11:12am

Veronelle from Lens, France

beautifull composition ! nice luminosity

20 Dec 2008 11:36am

@Veronelle: Veronelle! - it is nice to hear from you. Thanks.

Betty from New Jersey, United States

What I enjoy most about this photo... the blue sky and sunshine, and people dressed in light clothing! All things I miss with our dreary, gray and now snowy days! Wonderful bright colors, Stephen!

20 Dec 2008 11:49am

@Betty: Well,Betty - one silver lining you enjoy --- the odds of a 'white Christmas' in San Francisco are almost (literally) 1 in 10,000. I hope you are doing well.

melodia from ffm, Germany

nice street shot! like that sloping worm's-eye view.

20 Dec 2008 3:29pm

@melodia: Melodia - thank you. You just gave me an idea. One of the current themes for JPG Magazine is 'Ant's Eye View'. I saw your comment and realized that a worm and an ant enjoy similar perspectives. So, I just posted this image on my page there - thanks to you!

You might enjoy JPG - check out their site at:

Fliss from Melbourne Beach, United States

Ummmmm... one place I may have to go to I think.. :)

20 Dec 2008 8:36pm

@Fliss: ENJOY !

Les from Lincoln, United States

Lovely perspective! And that sky! Oh, how I wish I were in the Bay Area right now. We're currently at 4 (F)! with snow and ice on the ground.
I'll bet this is a great restaurant, although like others have stated, I doubt I could get my husband to stand in line, although now that I think of it, we used to for the Broken Yolk in San Diego.

20 Dec 2008 11:36pm

@Les: Avoid the weekends or be there when they open the doors. Thanks for the visit.

sherri from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Love the the place. Must be a great place to eat or the line wouldn't be so long:-) It looks like you laid down on your stomach to capture this:-)

20 Dec 2008 11:54pm

@sherri: Sometimes - you just have to sacrifice.

JJ from Jersey City, United States

Eyes wide shut's advise is good in all my travels thats what I do also, this place sure looks popular,

21 Dec 2008 12:07am

Francis from France

Hi my frend
This is what Christmas is all about. Wonderful photo!
Very nice .
See you later

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 ..

21 Dec 2008 12:52am

@Francis: Happy Holidays back at you, Francis. Are you going away?

Judy from Brooksville-Florida,, United States

Wow, it looks like the 'in' place to be ... we'll walk right over and get into line!

21 Dec 2008 2:29am

@Judy: If you're walking over from Brooksville, Florida - all of the way to San Francisco - I hope Santa brings you a nice pair of walking shoes.

Anthony Lambert from Bielefeld, Germany

Sounds good,looks good !!

21 Dec 2008 2:34pm

grant from kansas city, United States

save me a place in line - it sounds delicious.

21 Dec 2008 9:57pm

@grant: You're on, Grant. Please pass the jam.

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

A place to know in San Francisco ? Thanks for the information.
Your framing is impressive.

22 Dec 2008 6:19am

Ted from South Wales, United Kingdom

So which is the best line to join then?

23 Dec 2008 9:29am

@Ted: That depends. The one in my very own kitchen works pretty well most of the time.

...and Merry Christmas, Ted.

melodia from ffm, Germany

you're welcome :) thanks for the link, gonna check it out!

24 Dec 2008 3:00pm