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Curly on Union Station - St. Louis
Grand shot too, almost ecclesiastical :-)

L'Angevine on Train Across The Colorado Plateau
beau ciel

omid on Train Across The Colorado Plateau
such beautiful composition, clouds & lights! Amazing view!

Curly on Train Across The Colorado Plateau
Massive sense of scale in this shot.

L'Angevine on Foggy Morning at Trinidad Light
bel effet et superbe cette ancre

Curly on Foggy Morning at Trinidad Light
Wow that anchor really fixes the frame - great shot.

Ruthiebear on Foggy Morning at Trinidad Light
The contrast of the B&W is beautiful

L'Angevine on Small Crafts Awaiting
bien ce gris

k@ on Foggy Morning at Trinidad Light
Great foreground.

Harry on Small Crafts Awaiting
wonderful composition

L'Angevine on Cloud House & Wheels
oh que c'est beau

L'Angevine on Berkeley Marina

Haldir on Wood Nymph in Redwood Forest
Nice shot. So natural.

L'Angevine on End Of The Line
bel effet

Harry on End Of The Line
fine black and white image

L'Angevine on Lake Solano

beach on End Of The Line
I'd say so. I like the black and white for this one.

L'Angevine on Wood Nymph in Redwood Forest
bien entrée

Shaun on Lake Solano
A superb landscape.

Ellebelle on Foggy Beginning
Beautifully composed and therefore great depth!! Wonderful terrace-like incoming waves ......

Curly on Wood Nymph in Redwood Forest
A beautiful shot, the rich tonal contrasts are very skilfully achieved.

L'Angevine on Foggy Beginning
oh ça rend bien ce gris

Curly on Foggy Beginning
Great shot Stephen, I love those long low layers of waves, all perfectly timed.

omid on Foggy Beginning
such beautiful composition & atmosphere! A M A Z I N G !

L'Angevine on Bench at Sunset
bel effet

Anne on Foggy Beginning
Jolie composition.

Gérard on Bench at Sunset
Oh like a night picture

L'Angevine on Fifth & Cedar Streets

rbassin on Bench at Sunset
une bonne photo N-B, bon jeux d'ombres.

Anne on Bench at Sunset
Nice compo.

L'Angevine on Where R U ?
bel effet

omid on Where R U ?
such beautiful angle, composition, lights & graphics! Amazing street shot!

Ehsan Hemmati on Where R U ?
Well composed street photo.

L'Angevine on Lake Merritt Farmer's Market
intéressante foule

Curly on Lake Merritt Farmer's Market
Is that craft beer in the front? I'll have six please :-)

Curly on Woman & Glass
Superb! Haven't seen any of those glass blocks for years!

Ellebelle on Woman & Glass
Mysterious ....... Perfectly framed and superb rhythms of the glass blocks!

L'Angevine on '53 Chevy Station Wagon

Gérard on Woman & Glass
Bravo !!!!!

Shaun on '53 Chevy Station Wagon
What a shame to see this old girl like this. Excellent find. 5*

L'Angevine on Erik Reinecke
bel effet

Curly on Erik Reinecke
Any special lighting here, or is it just from the window? It looks so good, like a pro studio shot.

Mhelene on Erik Reinecke
Splendid portrait !

L'Angevine on Nasturtium Bloom

omid on Nasturtium Bloom
Lovely work!

beach on Nasturtium Bloom
Facing the light.

L'Angevine on Lacey In The Garden
oh magnifique

Curly on Lacey In The Garden
My mind says this picture (portrait) speaks of hope and good times.

omid on Lacey In The Garden
such beautiful pose, colors, lights & bokeh! Lovely smile!

L'Angevine on Agapantha Morning

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